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Hi There!

I'm Taylor, and I'm the semi-invisible face behind the @bindisbucketlist platforms. I create, research, photograph, videotape, edit, write, and source every piece of content on our Instagram, Website, Blog and TikTok!

My mission is to create a space of learning and inspiration to help make more happy dogs; and in turn, more happy owners!

If you've ever enjoyed or learned something new from any of our content, and you're feeling extra generous, you can now buy us a coffee - or more specifically, Bindi and Rosie a "treat"!

This caffeine and/or treat helps us push through more creative ideas and also have the means to generate them for you.

Thanks for your amazing support! Bindisbucketlist would not be what it is without YOU- our amazing audience.

** Please note that I also use this platform for any fundraising events that we promote (we ensure that our page is clearly labelled as such when these events are active). THANK YOU to those who have donated to our fundraiser for the Downie Wenjack Fund, where we raised over $2,000 for the DWF! That, as well as our fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society, and Everytown where we were able to donate $400 each! THANK YOU!**