Hi everyone!

I just wanted to clarify my current two "direct financial support" sites. www.patreon.com/biocinematics is for a recurring membership on a per video basis. There are a variety of tiers from $1/video to all-your-money per video, with associated rewards. Check it out!

This (Buy Me a Coffee) is for one-off donations to help me out if you'd prefer not to commit to a recurring membership, or if you don't care about reward tiers, or if you want to support my creation of tutorials and other extra materials, which aren't closely tied to the Patreon stuff. I really appreciate it, either way you choose!

People often ask me "How do you make money on YouTube?" The first answer is... I'm not, at least not yet. And the second answer is "patreon.com/biocinematics" and "buymeacoffee.com/biocinematics", if you're so inclined.

So thank you for your generosity in advance.

PS I don't buy cups of coffee or beer, so I opted for "buy me a food" which is more appropriate, or "buy my children a food" which is also appropriate, but maybe a little too pitiful.