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Having lived in a haunted house as a child I knew very early on that I was different from others. My ability to see and interact with spirits from many realms scared me at the time, but I have grown to accept that part of myself and learned to control my gifts. Upon realizing that my talents are needed by so many I found myself being pulled further and further away from a corporate position into offering Spiritual Guidance. 

I have had my reading style described as blunt but sympathetic. If the truth needs to be said, or something comes up that must be pointed out, I have no problem having the harsh conversation. I am not rude or hurtful (or at least try my best not to be), but I am honest. Sometimes it's easier to have a reading from someone who truly understands the darkness, and can gently guide you back out of the muck with a gentle hand. I am dedicated to giving messages in a language that can be understood by many. 

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