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Hi mighty one!  I just created a page here. If the Birthful podcast has been valuable to you during your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum journey, you can now buy me a coffee to say thanks!
Maddie L
Maddie L bought a coffee.

Listened to this podcast every day during my my last pregnancy, gave me all the information I needed to get the VBAC of my dreams. Pregnant for a 3rd time and soaking it all in again.

Congratulations on your VBAC and on your new pregnancy! May this third one also be all you want it to be.

Maggie B
Maggie B bought a coffee.

Dear Adriana, I am officially in my birth month now and I feel so ready thanks to your podcast and all the resources you've shared along the way. I've learned so much from you and your guests, thank you!!

Thank you! Wishing you a flowing birth and a nourishing postpartum. ❤️ 

Danielle E.
Danielle E. bought a coffee.

I love your podcast! Thank you for all that you put into it! 

Thank you!

EFA bought a coffee.

I’m cheersing you from afar in gratitude of all the wisdom and resources you have provided me and the birthful community 🙏🏼 THANK YOU! xo  

Thank you so much!

Erin bought 2 coffees.

Miss you friend! Grateful for the work you're doing. 

Miss you too! 💗