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Tilly and Helen here! If you have a spare couple of coins and want to support us directly to say thanks for the show, you can do so here. By donating you will give Tilly the will to live, which will in turn help Helen out tremendously. We love you! Xxx
David Smith (@DVDSmith)
David Smith (@DVDSmith) bought 5 coffees.

Hey girls, thanks for all the episodes, it’s been a joy to listen to this past year. Have a wonderful Christmas (as best you can under the circumstances) and wishing you all the best for 2021 xx

Thank you so much David! we appreciate your support so much, thank you for listening all year and sticking with us. hope we can keep entertaining you in 2021 xxxx

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Merry Christmas! Thank you for the entertainment this year! x

MERRY CHRISTMAS! hope you had a great day. thank you so much, it's our pleasure to be able to provide a little bit of entertainment for you all. much love xxx

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Happy Christmas you lovely bunch of babs.  Xxxx have a nice hot choc on me xx 

legend!! thank you so much! this definitely went towards helen's aldi prosecco. merry christmas from us. xxxxxxxx

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Happy Christmaaaaaasss! Xxx

thank you so much! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! we hope you had a great festive day and thank you so much for the support. it means so much to us. xxx

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Lovely to have you back! 

TOMBO WE LOVE YOU!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We are making a christmas episode next week and this will allow us to make some delicious drinks and get a bit tipsy. THANK YOU!! tilly and helen xxx