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PRINTING: The Copper House
CRAFT SUPPLIES: Downland Crafts,  Crafty Studio, Handmade crafts by Nicole, Minerva
POSTAGE: An post labels
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Shout out for new members
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Free & Discounted Extras
Backers get first preference to live event tickets with VIP access
Backers get first preference to live event tickets with VIP access
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What is a Biscuit Backer?

You may be in our infamous Bite The Biscuit Community on Facebook along with 9.5k other Creatives?

If not…join #1 support group on FB click the link.

You may be following Biscuit Community on Instagram #keepcreative

If not search @biscuitcommunity and stay tuned for weekly live streams every Friday 12.30

There is another layer being spread evenly on the foundation of this Biscuit cake for you.

Y’see Biscuit has many layers and a very BIG vision for changing the business landscape for Creatives.

The Biscuit Backer project is something that has been triggered by our Community number and has been on the Vision Board on Biscuit HQ since 2017.

Community = collectively making shit better.

What things?

Feeling connected and having fun…YES FUN - how? Events, parties, meet-ups, workshops…bringing Creative humans together in REAL life.

Feeling part of a collective ready to help the bottom line - how? By using our Community number now reaching 20k people over social & email we can negotiate discounts with suppliers.

Feeling listened to and supported - how? By taking part in our promotional days & live stream opportunities so our community products and services get seen by our network.

Feeling part of something that will have a huge impact on the Creative sector - how? By enabling the survival of Bite The Biscuit group on FB & Biscuit Community on IG and its resources.

Let us continue our quest for making changes in the Creative sector and having as much fun as possible on our way!

Be part of Biscuit.

Become a Biscuit Backer for the price of a posh coffee a month!


LIST OF SUPPLIERS who will give you Backers discounts that you gain access to immediately when you support Biscuit.


MAST - 10% off insurance for live events, exhibitions, markets, live events.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

JJ 'O Toole - 10% off - eco-packaging, bags, boxes, full packaging needs.


DMAC Services POSTAGE - Save 45 cents on every postage label for parcels up to 20kg. Pay 5.50 per label for your post.

Craft Suppliers:

Crafty Studio - 10% off all craft supplies

THE COPPER HOUSE - 10% off printing

Downland Crafts - 10% off crafting supplies

Handmade crafts by Nicole - 10% off crafting supplies

Fabric / Craft Suppliers:

Minerva - 10% off


PAPER - Paper for Artists, business, schools, workshops 10% off