For the last 5 years, I have been happily building, facilitating and curating an online space for Creative people to come together, to feel comfortable showing work and to build confidence and connections enabling sales.

For the last 5 years I have built a Community that inspires me, motivates me and a Community which has captured my heart.

Now I have to make a choice.

My heart or my head.

And I am letting the Community decide that fate.

You can buy me a cuppa which I would be hugely grateful for and THANK YOU ( yup I have a caffeine addiction ) or you can become a Bite The Biscuit Backer.

What does a BTB Backer mean?

It means you will reap the benefits of believing in me and my vision for Biscuit.

It means you will get full access to our partnership discounts...currently we have MAST Insurance on board giving everyone 10%.

It means you will get free tickets for selected off-line events.

It means you will get monthly video updates from me to you on what is happening behind the scenes of Biscuit.

It means you will be listened to and you will have a say.

It means you will be part of something that will change the future for Creative people.