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My name is BJ, and I ...

-Curate and publish a, hopefully funny, weekly newsletter, as well as a newsletter about professional wrestling, known as Slamsday.

-Am the host of a new podcast series called "What Are You Working On?" better known as WAYWO.TV and the upcoming "Vaped Crusaders" show.

-And, I am also the co-creator of the upcoming comic strip, along with Ryan Dunlavey, "Pooh In The Woods". Winnie the Pooh is now in the public domain, and all he wants to do, is go to the bathroom. But the WORLD won't let him. You can check out that comic here on this very website.


The Newsletter, Slamsday, and WayWo.TV

For a lot of reasons, my tweets delete every few days.

So, I like to save the funniest ones and put them in a newsletter.

Your $5 monthly membership helps to support the newsletters and other projects I am working on. This includes producing new episodes of WayWo.TV, new comic strips of "Pooh in the Woods", and hiring reporters for Slamsday.

(My hope for Slamsday is that it actually grows into a indie wrestling federation, ala Prowrestling Eve. But, one step at a time.)

Please note that my newsletters, comics, and podcasts are FREE. They will always be free to access and enjoy by everyone.

So Why Be a Member?

My goal is to make everyone on the planet laugh.

I can do that by creating an enormous amount of high-quality content and then translating it into different languages. Then distributing it all for free.

That's ... not a sustainable business model. So! I'm asking for your support.

Help me make everyone on the planet laugh, or at least have a slight chuckle, at a time when we all could use one.

Your support can make that happen.