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My name is BJ, and I am the host of a podcast series called "What Are You Working On?" better known as WAYWO.TV.

-WAYWO provides a calm, supportive space for creators of all kinds to discuss what they're working on and previous projects.

-I also answer creator questions about marketing,  as well as offer tactics you can use to grow your audience, for free, in this weekly newsletter called One Small Step.

I'm qualified to do this as a multi-time published author (two of my own, two ghostwritten) on topics involving marketing. My first book, "Social Media Is Bullshit" was published by St. Martin's Press and translated into Russian, Polish, Spanish, and Chinese. My second book, "Privacy: And How We Get It Back" is currently being updated and re-released as a podcast sponsored by DuckDuckGo.


Why You Should Buy Me A Coffee

Please note that my newsletters, comics, and podcasts are FREE. They will always be free to access and enjoy by everyone.

So Why Chip In?

Your $5 coffees go directly to the men and women behind the scenes who work with me to make WAYWO.TV happen.

In order to better fund the show, until it can be self-sufficient, I am also offering three consulting packages. One for four hours, another for eight, and one final one for the full month.

You do NOT have to purchase any of these packages. I'm just thrilled if you buy us a coffee, but I am offering them here for those interested in helping us improve and grow the show into something that releases every day and more closely resembles a late-night show.

Like the video says, I only have one goal: Make everyone on the planet laugh. Buying me a coffee or grabbing some consulting time with me here means more free stuff I can put out to do just that.

Oh! I almost forgot ...

If you buy me a coffee for $5, you ALSO get a free bonus chapter from my upcoming personal finance book: "The Richest Man in Babylon: Championship Edition". 

It's VERY funny and also useful for those of you who might be looking to tighten up, and grow, your money game.