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Nerve center of consent (from Howard Thurman)

May 24, 2021

I've been reading/listening to a lot of Howard Thurman recently. He has this idea of the "nerve center of consent", which I think of as the "deepest yes" that a person chooses (consciously or not).

He has this interesting description where he talks about it in figurative language, so I wrote some music and lyrics inspired by it. I also am learning design, so I took a shot at visually representing it as well with the album art.


Show me the silence I must travel to find the ocean
Show me the path I must swim to reach the island
Show me the trail that I must walk to come to the angels
Show me the swords of flame in their hands
Show me the throne that they defend

And what sits on the throne
I bow down to this alone

Show me the stillness I must travel to find the ocean

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