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Founder and CTO of Tidal Labs. Author of a couple of books. Built and Exploring video games, physics, ML, and wonky projects in my free time.

Currently raising donations to build version 2.0 of I actually released a v2.0 early in 2020, but it needs some tweaks before it can get re-released. If the community raises $1000 (to cover my server costs for the last 8 years), I'll get back to working on v2.0!

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Very fun website to try if one likes morse. Thanks a lot.

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hey I just really like your website, and wanted to show the appreciation of the website. it is really awesome that there is not a dedicated button to dash and dot, but uou have to do it yourself. it is a really good website ti peactice, I have spent a long time in there. I kid you not, when I have had breaks at work, I would sometimes sit for like 20-30 minutes, on the website on my phone.

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Great website you have! It really helps to sharpen morse code skills and fun to chat with like minded people who also enjoy morse code. A true one of a kind site.