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Black Cab Show Podcast

Nov 14, 2021

Hi All

We at Black Cab Show are in the business of podcasting, the subject of which revolves around the news and views of London Black Cab Taxi drivers. We are known for our enlarged hippocampi...nothing too sinister about that. It's part of our brain, the bit that enables spatial awareness and memory function. This also renders us quite self confident and some might say a bit cocky and self-assured in how we carry ourselves. That may well be so, but we're 'gooduns' at heart.

The podcast is to help highlight our plight in the modern age as we assist commuters and tourists around London on their daily business. We have plenty of stories of our encounters with the characters of London town, visiting and resident alike. Give us a whirl and check out the podcast at www.blackcabshow.co.uk , it can be a bit heated and trade specific but the stories and events we recount are always well worth a listen

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