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Hi there! I am Christina the Black Swan Sibyl. I am a natural born intuitive empath. I have struggled with being sensitive in a world that devalues, manipulates and often rejects emotions. It took me a long time to find a way out of my life’s maze of painful emotional abuse, suffering and disempowerment, to find a more courageous, more meaningful and happier life! 

In 2016,  I immigrated to the Netherlands to be with the love of my life & opened a business in order to obtain a residency permit.  Now I offer my experience and my intuitive gifts to assist others who are seeking a way out of their own unique mazes and struggles.

When you support me, you are supporting a woman to become empowered and to heal from a lifetime of trauma, neglect and emotional and spiritual torture.  You are also supporting my 3 year old son and I to stay in the Netherlands as a family.