Just a Sunday reminder in case you're thinking of doing something crazy, this is not the time to be buying anything. And is not either the time to be investing if you don't have a steady income and savings. So here is a 10 points checklist for you to think about it:

1 | First, you need to learn a skill: no matter what is, just something in what you're good at so you could earn some money with it.

2 | Then you need to understand how to scale that skill: maybe it's having more customers, maybe it's applying for a better position at the company where you work or another, maybe it's doing some freelance work. Choose whatever suits you better, focusing on those activities that allow you to earn more money without having to compromise more time.

3 | Then you need to understand that a big amount of your income should be destined for savings. Savings, not investing. Cash. If you don't save and start investing straight away, you're just throwing yourself from a plane without a parachute. You can find a good guide on how much you should save and saving methods here: https://bit.ly/3NLnh58

4 | Only after having secured a stable income, and separated what corresponds to savings, you should start thinking about investing. Start with low-risk investments first and only with money you're willing to lose. There are different types of investments for different types of investors and different risk tolerance.

5 | Investing in crypto is considered a high-risk investment, that is not for everyone. The smaller the market cap of the coin you're choosing, the bigger the risk. And even if you choose the Top 20 coins, is still a high-risk investment. The fact that you have access to a type of investment does not automatically mean that you should make use of it. Is like trying to drive a Ferrari without knowing even the basics of driving.

6 | Please, take some time to think about this. Crypto is not a fast way to make money. Is a fast way to lose it all if you don't have the proper knowledge. You can do whatever you want, but at least try to learn and only take the risk of investing in crypto with money you don't need.

7 | Have a savings account. Make your emergency fund. In fiat, not in cryptocurrency. Separate some money to buy things you want after you paid for all your needs. If you can't do this you have to go back to points 1 or 2: you need first to earn more money, not to invest the money you need to have a meaningful life.

8 | Investing as a strategy to earn more money before dominating all these previous points is a terrible idea. If you do it, you'll be playing with your rent, your food, the leisure activities you need for you to feel good or even worse things. Things that if you lose them you lose yourself and your current life quality. Even if you're in a bad situation, believe me, investing as a way to earn the money you need is the worst strategy ever.

9 | You should invest to earn money you don't need, that's the healthy way to manage your money. Invest thinking that if you lose every single penny, you'll still have a home, a family, friends, you'll be able to take care of your health or afford an emergency. Once again, if this is not your current situation, go back to points 1 and 2 and learn first how to earn more money and how to save properly.

10 | Finally, if you've read this checklist carefully and you think you're ready to invest, still it's a good idea to find out what kind of investor you are. There are a lot of tests online for this. You can just google "what kind of investor are you? test/quiz" and you'll find them. And once you determined the kind of investor you are according to your situation and risk tolerance, only after that, start looking at potential assets where to put the money that is not to cover your needs, that is not the money that goes into your savings account or your emergency fund, and that is just the money that if you lose it, your life won't fundamentally change.

I hope you have a good weekend and stay safe.