Asia and Europe markets are in the green today, and US Futures already pointing up, so we'll probably have a green day today for crypto, but don't get fooled by sources that only look at crypto, this is what actually will drive the markets this week:

1 | The European Central Bank's meeting on Thursday where we could have a hint about an interest rate hike in July. We still don't know if it would be 25 or 50bps.

2 | The U.S. consumer price report on Friday. This will tell the markets if we can expect a "soft landing" for the US economy (probably meaning a mild recession anyways) or a crash and a strongest recession depending on how strong the Fed tightens its monetary policies.

Is there a chance we don't get a recession? Yes, but are the same that you would have trying to make a successful landing with a plane with a turbine on fire, a broken wing and in the middle of a snow storm.

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