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In 2011 I started this little project, largely out of self-need. I've been a fan of rock music since I was a teenager, but didn't see too many people like me in the bands I loved.

Whenever I'd come across a black woman who performs rock music it was a moment of joy. I started putting the women I came across in one place so I could come back and reference them later.

In ten years, I have added more musicians to the site than I can count. From heavy music to blues to the foundation of rock itself - we have a huge presence in rock music, and we've always been there.

The feedback from others has shown me that there were many women out there who were just like me, many black women in particular who thought that they were alone in their love for rock music. I've heard personally from people who've told me how my little project has made such a big impact on their lives.

This thing has grown more than I could've ever imagined back when I first started it. I'm glad that I was able to put this out into the world for others to learn, and to enjoy.

- Jaleesa L.

Black Women In Rock

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