I keep thinking I should give Bella away. Well not give. I've seen too many articles about people giving their dogs away on Craigslist and they end up in dog fight rings etc. I'm not sure what would be in store for a rabbit. I can't imagine where a place that would even take her in would be and if it's a no kill shelter. Especially after Easter a lot of rabbits and chicks get abandoned.  But if/when I lose my apartment I have no place to go. I'll be on the street or in a shelter which either is my worst nightmare.  Rabbits aren't like cats or dogs. Can't just stick her on a leash and feed her scraps. They need hay and pellets. When you get evicted from an apartment, you only have a few minuets to collect things before a cop escorts you out. I can't drag her around and I don't have anyone to take her. I'm at a loss of what to do.