I know this lady meant well today but ugh... I felt like telling her:  Please don't tell me to "Think positive" and then say stuff like "Just suck it up and do it" or "It is what it is." Seems to be contradictory to me and puts me off to be honest. And maybe you have more "get up and go" than I do, always knew what you wanted in life, or had tons of help and support growing up. Maybe didn't have similar health/mental health issues....Everyone is different. I'm happy for you, but I'm not you. And of course most people don't understand why I want to keep my storage space. All I have been "traveling" with are clothes, my computer, and things I've bought recently or acquired from others the past 2 years. My photo albums, other personal items and memorabilia are in that storage space.  I've always been sentimental but I grew up in a neighborhood where we got robbed a lot. Or like once when my mom was tight on money she let a space go. A space that had most of my toys and books in it. Things that were gifts from her mother to me. My ballet and dance costumes and shoes...I've lost so much in my life. I don't want to lose what little I have. I know it's the beginning of the month and I would need to raise about a $1000 to pay for the storage and over twice that to catch up on rent and utilities. But I don't want to have to chose. I want to save it all. My heart hurts so badly just thinking it may all be gone soon.