Oct 08, 2019

Candy corn #ombre #dress on #redbubble! https://www.redbubble.com/people/blakcirclegirl/works/17072812-candy-corn-ombre?asc=u Sold another one! Thank you to the buyer! Check out my other #candycorn items and other #designs too!  #halloween 

Aug 28, 2019

So yah. Fun days. The last year and a half you all know it hasn't been the best for me/us. Stress and health issues etc. I went to the doctor to talk about my last bloodwork labs and I am now officially #diabetic. Freaking A!!! I have also been having vitamin deficiencies which all of this is so off for me. But we haven't had the funds to cook like we used to. Food bank food isn't usually very healthy. We don't get out much and I'm guessing pushing towards the big 4-0 isnt helping either.... more

Aug 11, 2019

Some of my recent sales in my shops! Thank you to the buyers! Also find my designs here: ⭐zazzle.com/blakcirclegirl ⭐cafepress.com/bcgbotique ⭐cafepress.com/bcgphotography ⭐redbubble.com/people/blakcirclegirl ⭐artsadd.com/store/bcgphotography ⭐society6.com/blakcirclegirl .TeePublic.com/user/blakcirclegirl... more

May 15, 2019

The power of my #cuteness compels you! Share your love of #theexorcist movie with this #exclusive design in my #cafepress! .. Cafepress.com/bcgphotography... https://www.instagram.com/p/BwiT56Cnfy_/ #instagram 

May 15, 2019

Two new ribbons up in my shops! #autismawareness & #downsyndromeawareness! #autism #downsyndrome #instagram Also find my designs here...https://www.instagram.com/p/BwbVhpaHwL_/

May 15, 2019

Well things aren't going well. We have zero money, most groceries come from food banks. He's working when he can but it's been so bad he's looking for other work.  We had to pawn/sell some of our stuff. There are things that have taken months and are still just dragging and not coming to an end. People/places doing us wrong and we can't really do much about it but wait. I'm selling some things in my shops but this time of year is usually super slow. And if anything I only get paid from... more

Apr 25, 2019

Wow guess what. We investigated a private home in Barstow, CA. So exciting for us let me tell you! This is our video of our investigation, and we plan to follow up with a second show, which includes some bonus material not caught on video. www.youtube.com/watch.v=8bvrrBWg2-U&feature=youtu.be #youtube #video #podcast #paranormal #paranormalpodcast #storiesofthedark #glenclark 

I figure I might have at the very least one more week here I hope. Maybe a bit longer. I just hope
Hey guys! Check out my boyfriends BMAC and other pages if you like #paranormal #podcasts! I am
I can't believe our stale luck. Bf had a new job, good pay, and he was great at it. It went sour
Hi guys! Just wanted to post a bit of an update. It was way too long. Short version: I was in a
I can't even begin to go into detail of what's been happening in my life the past two or so months!