Update on this post: One of the things I do is I'm an affiliate for a few of my shops like ArtsAdd and Society6. You can check out my Twitter & Google+ for these links, and even if you don't buy something I post, just making a purchase through my link may get me a small commission. I was doing Amazon, but it unfortunately didn't work out so maybe I'll try again in the future. But looking on Amazon, I saw these lanterns and I remembered I have a few sets in my storage. I love to collect them. I just hope I can save my storage from the lien and get my lanterns, albums, photographs and the stuff my Nana left me. I was also thinking about things in there that my parents had bought together. I was too young to remember them living together but when I moved in to help my dad's parents, she gave me some things that were theirs. God I can't believe I'll lose it all in 3 days. I feel like such a horrible person for losing all their stuff! . .