This is the 6th event we have done since our first one in April. Each time we improve the website and the mobile sites. Each time we make it easier for the participants to get to know each other and the visitors to know when the event takes place.

We are planning a registration system and gamification system to roll out we hope soon. We will also look at the possibility of doing these events on other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook in 2021 if we can get the tech to work as we want it to.

This month we are doing something different. We are placing some better Christian Content Creators in the day's event. One in the morning, another in the afternoon, and another at the end. We believe by doing it this way, more people will get benefit from all involved at the end of the day with more followers and possible cheers and subs to the new non-affiliates. Our first streamer is a Pastor of over 15 years and he does like teaching and playing video games. He is very engaging and we hope people will enjoy him kicking off the event.

We are also not holding a contest with a sponsor. We have Christian Streamers that are giving products that they no longer use or that they have created. We want to see if this might be a better approach to the contest. The challenge will be the shipping of physical goods around the world as opposed to an electronic type reward.

For the November one, instead of giving a gift away, we are hoping to have people give to an International charity called Operation Christmas Child. We are working on plans for this as we write this to you.

Go to Blessing Boat for the schedule of events. If you know of any streamer that is a believer and wants to be part of this event, make sure they register as we vet each person before we release the schedule to everyone. Hope you can join us on Twitch and help support what we are doing here along with the Christian Content Creators.

God Bless