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I’m an Intuitive, Energy Reader, Empath and Healer.

Healing is a journey, which is sometimes difficult to navigate alone, which is one of the reasons I set up Blissfully Free.

Healing for me is all about connecting back to love, which in turn lets us be blissfully free…

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Sandra Brosens
Sandra Brosens bought a coffee.

Nice to read your blog again Sarah! Hear you tomorrow. Love, Sandra

Thank you so much Sandra, it is good to be writing again. See you later at the event! ❤️ 

Corah bought a coffee.

Thank you Sarah

Thank you so much Corah, I hope you are doing well. Sending you lots of love, Sarah ❤️ 

Dom bought a coffee.

Thank you so much Dom for my coffee, it is greatly appreciated. ❤️ 

Tasha bought a coffee.

It’s lovely to see you back Sarah, I wondered if the energies of 2020 we’re just too much and you needed some time out. Thank you for sharing your truth about the year ahead, although it feels very challenging and scary you’re words give me hope. Love and light to you 💗

Thank you for your wonderful message and for my coffee. I really appreciate your support and it was so nice to get such a heartfelt message. I am so glad my words give you hope. ❤️ 

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you so much for my coffee, it is greatly appreciated. Blessings Sarah ❤️