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I’m an Intuitive, Energy Reader, Empath and Healer.

Healing is a journey, which is sometimes difficult to navigate alone, which is one of the reasons I set up Blissfully Free.

Healing for me is all about connecting back to love, which in turn lets us be blissfully free…

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A Fan
A Fan bought a coffee.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift and energy with us. Never doubt your path, you are exaltly where you should be!

What a beautiful message, thank you and for your kind donation. ❤️ 

Sandy bought a coffee.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your gifts. I hope one day to schedule a reading with you. xxx

It is a pleasure, thank you for your kind donation. I look forward to connecting with you at the event and hopefully in the future. ❤️ 

Someone bought a coffee.

i wish we could drink coffee in person one day. xo

Thank you so much for buying me a coffee, it would be amazing to have one in person! ❤️ 

Helen bought a coffee.

thank you xx

Thank you so much for your donation, Helen. I really appreciate it. ❤️ 

Sandra Brosens
Sandra Brosens bought a coffee.

Nice to read your blog again Sarah! Hear you tomorrow. Love, Sandra

Thank you so much Sandra, it is good to be writing again. See you later at the event! ❤️