Thought Spiral is a weekly podcast hosted by comedians Andy Kindler and J. Elvis Weinstein. First launched in 2017, the podcast attempts to “solve problems of the world, but usually end up talking about comedy and various forms of anxiety.”

Kindler and Weinstein are two of the most hardworking and respected stand-ups in the biz. Kindler appeared on IFC’s Maron, a comedy television series, and is currently playing Mort on Fox’s hit animation, Bob’s Burgers. Weinstein’s famous works include MST3K and Freaks and Geeks. He also launched his stand-up album “Chunks” on July 2019.

With fresh episodes released every Monday, Thought Spiral has become a popular podcast among listeners who enjoy content that is often summed up as “2 Jews, 2 mics, 2 hours.”

Their podcast episodes are always engaging, funny and "spiraling," and we'd like to shine a light on how they've been able to gather support from their fans through their Buy Me A Coffee page.

With 247 supporters and 37 monthly supporters, the podcast show is a hit and the coffee keeps pouring. The best thing about Thought Spiral's BMC page is that they also engage with their supporters in a way that reflects their work ☕

In Test Show #122, they even discussed their new Buy Me a Coffee page which is a way for listeners to help support the show.

"I wanted to do it because I had momentum going--it's time to do this, it's time to monetize.

When asked why they chose Buy Me a Coffee over Patreon:

I like the tone of it, it's just lunch of the crowdfunding--being able to do one-time donations and also monthly subscriptions.

For $5 a cup, Thought Spiral fans can support Kindler and Weinstein, one spiral at a time.