'tis the season for giving!

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This holiday season, we're thinking about the kinds of presents that'll not only delight creators, but also support them as they continue working on their craft.

But rather than making a list of items, gadgets or specific products that friends, family and most importantly fans can choose from, we're focusing on...

1. A gift that inspires

While creators work hard on their craft, there will never be a shortage of needed inspiration. Inspiration goes a long way, and creators will thank you for giving them that boost when those long, dull days on the desk come around.

Try getting them one of these books guaranteed to spark up creativity, as these pages are fertile ground for more creativity and the creative process. Anything in the arts also does well for inspiration, whether it's a film, a musical, a night at the theater, or a visit to the nearest museum.

2. A gift that nourishes

The work it takes for a creator can take its toll on the body, so any gift that nurtures and reconnects will be worth well-received. A gift that nourishes not just the mind, body but also the spirit is ideal--anything to help the creator recenter, refocus and reground.

A meal at their favorite restaurant would be nice, or it can be a homemade meal of their favorite dish. Anything that also strengthens the body like a gym membership or a yoga class would be good. It can also be something as grand as a trip or vacation somewhere, or as simple as time with them in nature, in the great outdoors.

3. A gift that entertains

Play for creators is underrated, but it is easily as important as anything that inspires or nurtures. A focus on what connects us to the inner child does the trick here.

It can be a toy, a board game or anything that frees up the mind to play and engage. It can also be an experience like taking a new class, watching a movie or something that does not require productivity, an activity that lets the creator simply wander.

4. A gift that sustains

Last but not the least, a gift that any creator would appreciate is the gift that sustains their work even more. When we asked creators on Twitter what they would love to see as presents, the resounding answer was cash or as we like to see it--coffee.

If you would like to see creators further their work, fans can always send them a cup of coffee or two, or sustain them with monthly contributions.

No matter what you choose, whether it's one of these types of gifts or all of them, we hope that you don't forget the creators on your gift list. After all, where would we be without them?