Holidays are closing in, there is a fresh sheet of snow, it’s cold outside, and all you want to do is curl under that cozy warm blanket. But DON’T! Take your hand off that snooze button and roll out of bed, because it’s almost Drawcember!

It’s officially that time of the year; people are running around in a festive frenzy buying each other gifts, which means there is no best time than this to sell your art. BUT, before we jump into the selling part, let’s make sure you have a faultless plan. This should include picking your target audience, creating special holiday offers, and coming up with a solid promotional plan.

Your Audience

Let’s start with the first one, reaching your audience. It’s best when you have a clear vision of who you are selling your art to. This way, you can create work targeted at the audience rather than making random stuff and hoping they would all sell out somehow. Hubspot has a free and super easy-to-use buyer persona templates to get you started. You can also pick a theme for your work. Just keep in mind that not every customer will celebrate the same holiday or even in the same way, so make sure you include a variety of themes, such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or New Year’s for all to enjoy.

Holiday Offers

Once you have a good idea of who your audience is, It’s time to come up with holiday offers. You can start with simple discounts, Custom Bundles, and Card Gift Sets. Make everything relevant to your holiday theme, and be sure to come up with offers that are practical for you.

Promoting and Selling your Art

Ok. You have your target audience and special offers. What now? You can’t just sit idle and hope for buyers to come to find you; instead, you will have to reach out to them. How? This is where our promotional plan comes handy. Selling your art is like anything else; you have to explore creative ways of letting people know about your art. There are numerous ways you can reach out to art collectors out there. But when it comes to promoting your artwork, make sure you select platforms that allow you to sell directly by it or at least lets you link your website in.

Kill it on Social Media

It sounds quite obvious, but I’d say there’s no better way. Make most of all your social media profiles, your twitter, Instagram, Pinterest whatever they be. Create posts and stories informing your followers of your upcoming holiday sales. Drive consistent social media marketing campaigns by adding at least one post a day: Start socializing your paintings for sale between the very beginning and the end of the holiday season. Post sneak peeks of current projects, build hype, add behind the scenes, and keep your followers involved. And when you finally release your holiday art collection, make it no less than a grant revealing.

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Creator Friendly Platforms

When you are constantly creating and sharing your art, you are bound to gather a following of people who enjoy and buy your work. Platforms like Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee presents an opportunity for you to engage with your fans, the best people who you can sell your art to.
If you are focused on building a relationship with your audience to engage them and drive sales, Buy Me a Coffee can be the place to be! Here, you have an entire platform dedicated to your art; you can sell your art and take up pre-paid commissions with coffelinks, which relieves you from the hassle of finding buyers and hoping to sell everything in time. Moreover, you can earn monthly subscribers with the supporter-only post options, leading to steady revenue outlasting the holiday season. And don’t forget to add your Buy Me A Coffee widget or button to your website, that way your generous followers can Buy You a Coffee, (make a contribution), then and there without even having to leave your webpage.

Email List

Even social media has some pretty staggering shortcomings that might hold you back. Where social media falls short, email lists reign supreme. Now wait, don’t just go deleting your Facebook or Instagram accounts! Keep up the excellent work you’ve been putting in there, but use your email list, too.

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If you want to remind all those people who loved you at one time to buy your work, you need a way of getting back in touch with them. An email can be the perfect tool for creating long-term residual sales and building a fan base around your work that sells your art for you. If you have an email list, this is the best time to use it. Send them a short and sweet email detailing your holiday offer, while making sure to wish them a happy holiday season. These people are most likely to buy your goods, and telling them first allows them to check out your holiday offer before anyone else.

Attend Holiday Art Festivals

The sole purpose of Holiday Art Festivals is to encourage and foster the creation and sale of beautiful art pieces while providing an opportunity to connect artists and craftspeople with the general public. You can get your products in front of more eyes by showcasing them at exclusive shows or events throughout the holiday season. Here you get to meet lots of art enthusiasts, professional artists, and industry pros like gallery owners and agents. There are many websites that could help you locate your nearest art festivals and holiday art fairs. Fairandfestivals, festivalnet, alliedarts are some sites to look out for.

Get Set Sell

Now that you have your grinch-proof sales plan, get started on your holiday sales today. Whether if you prefer to communicate with your customers online or in person, taking advantage of the holiday season is a perfect way to not only add a little more padding to your wallet but also to return the holiday spirit and help people provide the perfect present for the art-lovers in their lives. We watch so many artists watch the holidays go by without putting in any more effort than they do all year-round. This is the time to pull out the big guns, stay focused, and put in the work.