Inktober is an art challenge where participating artists from all over the world are asked to create an ink drawing everyday, for the entire month of October.

Created in 2009 by artist Jake Parker, Inktober was meant to be a challenge for him to improve his skills and develop positive drawing habits.

Inktober has now grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. The rules are simple, just create a drawing in ink, post it online, use the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2019, and repeat until the end of the month.

With this challenge, we want to highlight several @BuyMeACoffee creators who have been participating in this challenge, their art and work all worthy of a cup of coffee or two.



Anita Thubakabra Mihályi


Inktober is just a framework to get yourself to draw better, flex a little, and/or have some fun with your art.

Inktober is a challenge NOT a contest to see who the best artist is. It’s a challenge to see how much you can improve your art in a month, and to be inspired or to help inspire other artists to do the same.⁣

Now go get these creators coffee or tea to help them power through until the end of the month ☕🍵