Now you can sell with Buy Me A Coffee! 💰

Coffeelinks Apr 07, 2018

Howdy Creators!

Over the past few months, we’ve been listening to all your feedback, trying to come up with more tools to enable creators to get support from their audience.

Today we’re introducing Coffee Links — a fast, friendly and beautiful way to sell or share digital content. It’s like ‘‘ for payments’.

Imagine if you want to share a Dropbox file, eBook or an unlisted video with your fans. You can enter that link, generate a coffee link and ask for 3 coffees (the price you set) to access that link. As simple as that! 🙌 Some cool use-cases:

📖 Share the first draft of your next book with your readers [Google Docs + Coffee Links]

🎥 Share your upcoming Youtube video with your most loyal fans [YouTube unlisted + Coffee Links]

🏷️ Take order for advertising on your blog or Instagram page [Typeform link + Coffee Links]

🗂️ Sell a digital product by sharing the zip file [WeTransfer + Coffee Links]

Can’t wait to give it a whirl? 😻 Coffee Links is currently invite-only. You can request for access here (takes only seconds):