Some irritants that often affect dogs are fleas. They are tiny insects that take residence on your dog and feeds off from blood that they suck up off your pet. It can be irritating to dogs because even through they try to remove it with scratching, it can be difficult to take off unless aided by a treatment. Fleas can mobile parasites that take residence on, most often, dogs and in rare cases, humans.

Generally, fleas are not deadly to pets. They are more often than not, an irritant. An irritant does not mean that it should not be treated. It should. hvac controls price Dogs require it because if left untreated, it could turn out to be more serious and thus produce allergic reactions, anemia, and worst case scenario, death. There is no need to worry however, because there are many ways in which to tackle a sticky situation like fleas.

One way to help your pet cope, and eventually get rid of fleas, is to use Capstar Flea Control which comes in a tablet that you can directly administer to your dog or if he or she is wary of medicines, can be hidden amidst the food so they easily consume it. Capstar Flea Control contains Nitenpyram which is an insecticide that kills parasites like fleas.

After administered to your dog, it immediately kills off the parasites in the span of 30 minutes. The effects of the medication can last for 24 hours and terminates adult fleas within 4 hours. Nitenpyram contains neonicotinoid, a neurotoxin that disrupts the sending of neural messages on fleas which leads to death.

Capstar Flea Control is a short term medication for dogs that need immediate relief from the parasite infestation. It should not be given multiple times a day. One dosage is enough for 24 hours. If your pet continues to experience irritation, you can administer another dose when the 24 hours are done. If the condition continues to persist, it would be wise to consult your veterinarian for further treatment.

Capstar Flea Control is also safe to use if your pet is under another medication like heartworm treatment medicines and regular vaccinations. It can also be used by other animals like cats if the fleas are becoming troublesome. It is also safe to use for pregnant and nursing dogs and cats.

One should take note that it can be harmful to humans and should be kept out of reach of children. Should someone ingest it, seek emergency medical care.

Capstar Flea Control is a short term flea medication that immediately works 30 minutes within ingestion of the drug. It contains an insecticide called Nitenpyram which contains neonicotinoid, a neurotoxin that kills of the fleas. It is administered once a day and is safe for pregnant and nursing dogs and cats.