Providing both aesthetics and enhanced comfort for the home, ceiling fans are a smart substitution for the run-of-the-mill ceiling lights that new homeowners often inherit in every room. While no task for amateurs, ceiling fan installation it is a relatively simple project for the seasoned DIY-er with a little bit of electrical know-how.

To prepare for your ceiling fan installation project, you'll first want to ensure you have all of the tools and parts you need. Most of them are included, so open the box right away, read the diagram, and confirm that all of the parts listed are included in the box. If you're installing a ceiling ran in place of a standard ceiling light, get an electrical box specially designed for ceiling fans (plus sheet rock, or a ceiling medallion, to cover the hole). If your fan includes a light kit, have the correct light bulbs handy.

Before attempting to remove the existing fan or fixture, ALWAYS cut power to that circuit. You should also test to make sure none of the wires are still "hot" using a special tool. Make note of how the existing fixture is wired before you actually remove it; this will make installing the new fan easier, as the ceiling fan will connect to existing cable from the old fixture.

Replacing an existing electrical box with a stronger one (mounting to the ceiling joists) during ceiling fan installation usually requires cutting a hole in the ceiling to make room. led lights for room in pakistan If you're not keen on replacing sheet rock, a solution you may want to try is using a ceiling medallion, which is more decorative and easier to place.

When you start to assemble the fan, always read the manufacturer's instructions completely through before beginning. Different steps may vary based on whether you're installing the fan as a "hugger," using a downrod, or other options. You'll definitely need someone to assist you when you start to mount the fan motor to the ceiling, as one person will need to hold it in place while the other screws.

Once you have attached the blades, screwed in the light bulbs, added the pull chains and completed all the final touches, it will be so rewarding to turn on the power and immediately see (and feel!) what an improvement your project has made.

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