When you are exhibiting your product or your business at a trade show, you want to be eye-catching. It should be your goal to have the people walk past your booth, do a double-take and return to ask you questions. bunny playfulness Getting the buyer interested is the primary goal. To that end, there is one major consideration.

How do I make my displays "pop? " How do I make them stand out without having a monkey wearing a tutu dancing the Macarena in front of my booth? Now, sometimes a monkey in a tutu will be just what you need to get the customers to stop and consider what you are selling. However, in case you don't have a monkey on hand, there are other ways to make sure your trade show display rental stands out.

If you are using a table to showcase your product or service, consider adding a tablecloth. You'll want something eye-catching, in a bright print that doesn't clash with your signs or product examples. In some cases, you might choose to go with a table runner that extends the length of your table. Just adding this simple touch - something you can purchase at your local Wal-Mart or linen store - can cause people to stop for a chat.

Another way to cause your presentation to pop is to have your trade show display rental operate on levels. About Us Place anything that is larger and taller in the back, with shorter tables in the front. This will provide you with a three-dimensional effect and will also enable you to place more of your product or information about your services in a smaller space.

You might also want to consider a PowerPoint presentation with your display. If you use graphics and interesting pictures, passerby will be enticed to stay and watch the rest of the show. Inserting facts and figures regarding your services or products interspersed with fun graphics and pictures will keep people interested long enough to discover more about what you are selling.

All of this takes time and effort. You must plan your showcase accordingly, make sure there are enough electrical outlets, and be certain that you have fully optimized your space. These are decisions that take a lot of pre-planning and thought prior to the show.

Also, it takes a lot of money to hire the dancing monkey in a tutu. But don't worry; there is an alternative that will save you time and money.

Make sure you stand out with a trade show display rental. Research several different companies that provide quality units for exhibits as small as a briefcase to as large as a two-story room. Find a company that provides exhibits for any trade show you need.

These rentals are relatively inexpensive and are chosen entirely by the customer. Products There's no longer a need to waste time and money planning your exhibits yourself when you can easily hire the professionals to do it for you.