Make Sure You Feel Comfortable - you will be sharing intimate details of your life with a therapist; it's important you feel comfortable talking to them. Before you chose anyone you've got be sure that they fit the bill. anxiety Do they seem approachable; you want to avoid anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or awkward.

Are They Experienced - Any therapist should be able to provide you with details of their experience. While a number of different qualifications would provide people with skills to be a life coach, experience is really important. Have they dealt with people in similar circumstances to you? Most professionals specialise in certain areas of therapy so it's best to seek out an expert in the area of your life which you are hoping to deal with.

Check Their Qualifications - There are lots of different qualifications which a life coach or therapist could have gained. If you ask they should be able to provide details of their professional qualifications. It's always worth doing a bit of research on the qualification to avoid any snake oil sales people.

Compare Several - Don't just opt for the first life coach you come across. Find at least three local candidates & compare them. They might use different techniques or specialise in different areas. By looking at several you stand a better chance of finding exactly what you looking for.

Are They Willing to Talk In Advance - Any life coach worth their salt should be willing to talk to you over the phone prior to your first visit. If you find they are elusive it's probably best to give them a miss. If they don't have time to answer your questions now it's unlikely they will further down the line either.

Are They Near By - often people forget to think about how convenient a therapist is. If you need to travel too far it will make the whole process a chore. The less enjoyable the process is the less likely it is to be successful.

Google Them - Nearly everyone has a web presence of some kind. A quick search will tell you whether you potential life coach regularly speaks at conferences or writes for the trade press. It's amazing how much you can learn about a life coach from a quick web search.

Ask How Much - you shouldn't be afraid to ask how much the therapist services costs. Though it's not a simple case of cheapest is best or most expensive is best but cost is definitely something to think about. It gives you a better idea of if you are getting value for money and stops you from potentially getting ripped off.

Avoid a Cookie Cutter - Some life coaches have been known to follow a very set pattern in their therapy. Your issues you are dealing with are unique and so should their approach. Ask how they will help you with your problems & goals specifically.