If you are a Bride to be planning your special day, no doubt about it you have a lot on your to do list to check off for your wedding. Live Band for Wedding One detail that is very important but sometimes doesn't get the attention it should is entertainment for your reception.

This most likely is the first time you will have ever hired a band and we have tips to make your wedding reception planning a success.

The band you choose will supply more than just music. They set the background mood of your event. If the band doesn't have the experience or professionalism to perform properly your event will leave you and your guests with less than happy memories. The reception is the finale of your event so you want it to be fabulous.

A truly professional band will arrive, set up and be ready to play at the assigned time. They will specify the breaks they take and will stick to a schedule. They should also provide a playback recording while on break so as not to leave the reception with dead silence.

There is no sense in recreating the mood every time the band begins to play again at your wedding reception, the mood and ambiance should be maintained.

Keep in mind the genre of your band will set the mood of your party. Chamber music sets a softer, quieter atmosphere whereas a livelier band would create an atmosphere that would be more active and might perhaps inspire a few twirls on the dance floor. So if you want dancing you won't pick the same band as you would if it is a quieter affair.

It is a myth that live bands will always be more the more expensive choice for a wedding reception. Many bands can work within a tighter budget by reducing the number of members playing or the reducing the length of time they perform.

Before you decide your budget can't handle a live band, shop around for quotes and be upfront with the booking manager about your budget.

Finally, ask to hear a recording of the band you are considering. Also, find out if there will be a public performance that you can attend to hear and see them perform.

DO NOT plan on seeing them play at another wedding, don't even ask. It isn't their place to invite a possible client to another person's wedding. You will have to depend on a public performance or a tape.

When you do see them play or watch a tape, note how they work the crowd to help them enjoy the event. Note their dress, energy and professionalism for the event.

Also, make sure your band works with a contract and make sure fine details like the length of time before a break, lengths of breaks, and the desired playlist are all covered.