A few weeks back, my neighbor (who is one of the home owners association members) stated that the members were trying to decide what to do with the H.O.A fees money with the extra vacant land and what was mentioned was that they could build a basketball court.

Now you know this didn't sit well with me because that always seems to be one of the go to ideas where the majority of black people live (yeah there's a small minority of other races that live in the sub-division as well).

Being an idea - options - solutions type of guy from time to time, I decided to sit down and think of some other ideas that we can do with the h.o.a fees money that could be more beneficial to the residents living in it (since "they" suggested basketball court, I added it to my list). So with that being said, here's 20 ideas that I came up with.

20 Things You Could Build In A Sub-divsion For The Residents

• Daycare center

• Urban Community Garden (if there is ever a food shortage, residents could definitely still eat and survive. Plus, there may be a way to make extra money by selling some of the foods grown from the garden and splitting the profits with all the residents)

• Exercise Facility

• Exercise Park

• Kids Park

• Swimming Pool

• Basketball Court

• Tennis Court

• Tiny Housescovered of course)

• Re-plant some fruit trees that already have fruit growing from them

• Community Center | Information Center | Training Center (can be used for multiple purposes like: have seminars, skills classes, trades classes, etc) (to rent out as air b-n-b's and the profits can be split between all the residents after expenses all expenses are

• Sub-division Store

• Solar Power Plant (so that ALL sub-division residents living there could get free power or use the power as an alternative when the main power is gone due to storms or other situations. This power could also be sold and the profits can be split and given to all residents)

• Wind Mill Power Plant (same benefits as the Solar Power Plant)

• Human Energy Power Plant (maybe there's a set of stationary bikes lined up and residents can get in shape and at the same time created free power for ALL residents by pedaling on a bike for 30 minutes - all residents can contribute to this)

• Amusement Park

• Self Driving Shuttle Vehicles (since stores are just minutes away, there can be self-driving shuttle carts that take people to stores or other close places, saving on the gas of their vehicles)

• Dog Park

• Skate Park

• Ice Skating Park (for those cold months)

Let me know which idea you like the most by leaving a comment. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.