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I'm Bloomzeye (They/Them), and I like making cute and colorful indie games and art! I'm a Black and Queer, visual artist, self-taught indie game dev, designer, and writer. I made my first game Bubble Bumble, and more of my games are on!

You can also find me on Twitter at @bloomzeye or on my official Game Dev blog/website:

How Can I Support You? - Thanks for asking! I post SUPER IRREGULARLY. Buuuut you can support me with tips under “Support”, or pick a membership tier under “Members”.

My Goals

I’m creating art and stories that reflect the worldview of a Black, queer, and non-binary artist who is still trying to figure things out as a 20something-year-old. I am creating characters and stories that make you smile and stick with you after you get to the finish line.

Where Does Your Money Go?

As an independent creator, your contributions help me cover the fees and subscriptions I use to create my art and allows me more time to focus on creating great games for you to play and enjoy!

A little bit about me

• I like doing some of my concept art in watercolors or color pencils. I sketch a lot. I’ve always been a writer, and I really love naps!

• My favorite animals are cats. I want one soo badly!

• My least favorite part of game dev is programming. I can do it if I need to, but I prefer to create the art, story, and narrative. (I’m currently using GDevelop, an open-source, visual scripting game-making program).

• Once I learn anatomy, it's over for you all!

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