Here’s the thing, millions of essential workers are part of the 11 million undocumented non citizens that right now are living in the shadows of America while braving the threats of the Pandemic just so we have lettuces on our grocery aisle and there’s a freaking steak at our barbecue grill and yes somebody has to do the dirty trashy jobs that no Americans would even dare touch simply because these jobs are hard, back breaking and not to mention these jobs requires you to be under direct sun, with cheap wages and forgot access to any health insurance because these jobs gave you nothing but dollar crumbs. An estimated of 5 million essential workers can easily be included in the Covid-19 relief package that are undergoing the budget reconciliation process right now, the Democrats don’t need the Republican support to pass the measure, but the initial hopes was flushed down the drain instead it was replaced with a bipartisan agreement that this segment of the American population that keeps America going, that pays their taxes, active consumers in the American businesses and yet they have no access to Social security benefits because of documentation issues, are left out of any Covid-19 cash reliefs. The immigrants advocates are changing their strategies from an all or nothing approach to a piece meal Plan B style. The Dream act was introduced again by Sen Durbin and Sen Graham and probably the essential workers will be another piece meal legislation, and the rest of the undocumented population will be in another set of legislation. The problem with this strategy is that there’s a thing called 2022 where the Democrats senate seats are threatened, the sweeping Immigration executive orders of Pres Biden matters in the over all perspective of things because it laid the foundation for a broader immigration overhaul. But time is of an essence, the undocumented population that are living in the shadows and are suffering alone needs American’s kindness in a time where the global pandemic is hitting everyone regardless of the type of document that’s stuck at your wallet. Call it Plan B, call it emergency. If there’s one thing that the Pandemic taught us, it’s really more on the fact that deep down, we’re all human beings, we’re all equal as the virus doesn’t recognize any nationality, nor care about legal status. The pandemic tested our vulnerabilities and right now how the Biden administration will handle Immigration reform will test the Democrats soul and commitment to human rights, equal opportunities and freedom. And this is also a challenge for the Republicans to do the right thing, and stand on the side of history where all lives matters even those with no documents.

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