Look, we’re all human beings, at some point we reach our boiling point. So how do you deal with your cat during moments that he’s becoming too much? We’re talking about endless jumping on top of the cabinets, scratching your pricey sofas, breaking your breakables stuffs and other boiling point related dramas. Here’s what you can do: 1. Take a deep breath. Don’t get mad, that won’t help deal with these issues. 2. Analyze the situation, if he’s jumping on top of the cabinet, is there a way that you can adjust stuffs to prevent him from doing so, probably try double taping the area where he’s jumping usually cats hates anything sticky, or if he’s scratching your sofas maybe it’s time to buy a sofa cover or possibly move that sofa to other areas of your house. As for your breakables, you can either glue them on so they stay where they and they don’t get knocked off or transfer them to another area of your house where you cat won’t have any access to. 3. Talk to your cat in a gentle voice while slowly petting him. You’ll be surprised, your cat can really figure out what you don’t want and what you want. 4. Worse thing you can do when he’s becoming too much is to scream. That will make things much crazier than they already are. Your cat won’t understand why you’re screaming and why you’re totally upset, he just broke the precious ceramic that your boyfriend gave you for your birthday, big deal, right? 5. Time out can work. When your cat starts running all over the place, gently hold your cat on your lap and spend time with him. Probably he just wants your total attention instead of spending the whole afternoon arguing with your boyfriend over your phone as to why he needs to delete his latest Tiktok video because it’s just too much, he’s twerking in public.

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