Guys check out our post How to be happy click Here In addition to this topic here's other key points that was not discussed in that post, a Buy me a Coffee bltogo exclusive:

  1. It takes time to find happiness, or even to know how to be happy. Your various experiences with others whether in a relationship setting or in a friendship environment can actually directly impact your level of happiness.

  2. Happiness is also an internal process. Sometimes, you really need to dig deeper to find that place called "happy" inside of you. It's not an easy task, but you need to try.

  3. It's easy to say just move on, but the process of taking that first step before you moved on is really tough. But if you really want to get to that place called "happy", that will bring you back on our second point, you need to dig internally deeper. And once you get there, take things easy, it's like little baby steps, don't force yourself to just go out there and pretend that you're happy. When you went through an emotionally devastating event, it takes time for you to really figure out where you stand emotionally. So don't hurry it. Move on, when you're ready. And that is emotionally ready.

  4. When you share something, whether it's a material thing or your time with another person, it's really the fastest way to feel this feeling called happiness. We are social beings, when we reach out to others, and share something that we have, it will bring tremendous emotional relief and once you saw the face of that person you shared something with, and you noticed the joys in his or her eyes after getting something from you, that's when the internal happiness will kick start, try it. There's nothing more fulfilling in life than sharing.

  5. There's no formulas for happiness. There is no equation in the world that can formulate the exact composition on how you can be happy. But here's the thing, if you can locate and find the little stuffs in your everyday that can make you happy, those little stuffs in life eventually will adds up and will matter on the general frame of things.