So how do you stay safe in our Covid age when you and your man decided to go Dine in? 1. First of all make sure that your state or city are now open for restaurant dine ins. Because some cities and states only allows take outs, that will save you and your man the hassles and extra worries. 2. Support restaurants with pandemic policies, like temperature checks, hand sanitizer by the door, acrylic social distancing panels on the tables and staffs that are pandemic trained. 3. Choose the day where there’s less customers, you can call ahead and ask them for the time and day where usually they don’t have much customers. 4. As much as you can, it’s best not to linger in your dining table for unnecessary amount of time. The less time you spend inside the restaurant in our pandemic age, the better it is, really, safety wise. 5. Instead of giving your credit card, bring cash and leave the tips by the table. This minimize the table trip of your server, and also your credit card contact.