Infrastructure is a big word in Washington these days. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware is proposing splitting the massive Infrastructure bill, into two parts, one side of the coin will be a bipartisan undertaking which will obviously work for the West Virginia Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin which in every legislative agenda will always be a key swing vote for the Democrats to get any bill to Pres Biden’s table. And the other can go through the Reconciliation process which doesn’t require any Republican support. In a deeply divided Senate, this move actually makes sense. It gives the Republicans the maneuvering power to do and say what they want on one part of the bill but of course subject to the negotiations with the Democrats while the progressive faction of the Democrats will also win through the budget process called Reconciliation which can bring the bill to the President’s desk with a simple Democrat party line vote. This bill is important for Pres Biden’s success and the Republicans knew this, they have an option to delay or oppose, because this is how politics work, and they still have the Filibuster to work with. Millions of American jobs depend on this Infrastructure bill, if both party signed up, they’ll be sending a strong message to their supporters and potential swing voters, the House and the Senate is not broken, divided with deeply seated social, and economic issues and political philosophies and ideologies, but when it comes to job creation, this is something that both party can agree on.