So when is it not ok to flirt with your waiter? 1. When obviously the restaurant is packed to the brim, probably there’s a dine in rush because of the new Covid-19 cut downs on the restaurant’s hours of operations. Look girl, he’s busy. It will just make things tough for him if you kept on flirting with him. If you want to gain his attention, don’t be his distraction. 2. When you’re with your man, it’s definitely not acceptable to switch to your waiter flirting mode. And yes a wink and a shy smile that implies other stuffs counts as flirting. Give your man a break. 3. If he gives you the vibe that he’s not interested in talking more so on flirting, then don’t push it. You’re there to pay for the table which translates for the plate, you’re not there on a date with him. 4. It’s not ok to flirt with your waiter when you sense that he’s taken. It’s pretty easy to tell that he is. Usually he’ll do a really good job on your table but you’ll also feel that he’s just doing the waitering part, he’s not really there to socialize with you or take things to the next level. 5. When you shocked him by asking his number. It’s not a good idea to continue flirting with him. Obviously, his phone number is off the table. Probably he’s taken or he’s just not interested on you.

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