So what’s going on? Suddenly your boyfriend is into tennis or something. You did noticed though that he’s doing some tennis action with your neighbor these days and he’s kinda flirty with her as well. Is that an issue? 1. Probably, if you feel uncomfortable on this, simply tell him and let him know what you think, ‘cause probably you’re just misinterpreting stuffs. 2. It’s normal to overthink things and feel jealous. But try to keep a close eye on what’s going on so you don’t quickly assume that there’s something going on. 3. Sometimes it’s a good idea to give him space as well instead of controlling all his actions. Probably he found some kinda friendship with her. I mean it’s ok, until it becomes not ok. Relationship is about trust. 4. Wait ‘till your boyfriend invites you to play Tennis with them even though this is not really your thing. At some point he has to tell her about you, if this is something that she has zero idea on, and basically you can ascertain what to do next when you’re in this situation. 5. If he acts super secretive on this, then for sure there’s an issue going on that you need to get on top of things of.

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