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We are a diving instructor/guide couple, both speaking English, Japanese and French as our main languages.
After working as instructors-guides in Japanese and non-Japanese environments for a few years, mainly in Indonesia (Komodo, central Raja Ampat), Mexico (sea of Cortez) and Thailand (Andaman Sea), we decided to settle down in Japan, we are now based.

We created the website on a personal, non-commercial basis, to share useful information on the riches of diving in Japan, along with our own perspectives on different diving cultures, based on our practical experience as active divers and dive professionals. consists of general information pages on diving in Japan, and also a more fluid and personal blog section, updated as we go along.
We both share a keen interest in underwater videography, and will be sharing our own locally made video clips, as well as other material we appreciate, here and on our YouTube channel.

All in all, our primary aim is to be of use to the community, by centralising and sharing information on what makes diving in Japan unique from an independent, non-commercial standpoint, with our personal twist and perspectives.

In the wake of the current worldwide situation, we are not sure what the future will be made of, but would like to try to keep maintaining and updating this site and providing in the future.
We hope to be able to do this independently on the long run, but thought we'd also give people who found these pages helpful the possibility of buying us a coffee!

ben and kayo