Mar 02, 2021

Womens Day is on its way

Feb 04, 2021

Tongue-twister by black dog - mobile wallpaper

Check out this mobile wallpaper. 'Tongue-twister by black dog + Yellow BG!' Available via @Teespring:

Jan 28, 2021

Love-protected by red & white hearts - mobile wallpaper

Check out this mobile wallpaper'Love-protected by red & white hearts -MW!'Available via @Teespring:

Jan 21, 2021

Love is protected by love Desktop Wallpaper

Check out Desktop Wallpaper design :Love is protected by love large DW 2! Available via @Teespring:


Jan 01, 2021

Cute Grey Tabby Kitten checking you out

Dec 31, 2020

Coronavirus lockdown survivor 2020

Hello I'm surprised that some people are upset about me wanting to share that I survived the first Coronavirus lockdown in 2020. 'Coronavirus lockdown survivor 2020' applies to me and many others. Having to stay at home, only going out to get essentials, was tough for many. I know this may not apply to everyone, as we have some angels in our midst, but some people seem to go out of their way to irritate others. Did any of you have children letting you know that they are... more

2021 Am I reading this correctly? 2020 won
I call it a tongue-twister - Try it
Wind dancing wildly, I joined it-surfing
Coronavirus lockdown survivor 2020 - Pink