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I am a software developer based in the south of England.

I love creating software to help people with every day problems!

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Joanna N
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Love the dark watch faces. The stats are very easy to read. I've tried other providers and well, trust me yours are crisp, bright and fun. 

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Hey, I'm really loving your clock face!  I've looked over the githug project and I know weather is hard to do, but if you find a way to do it as a stat above or below, it'll be perfect. Appreciate the hard work!

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Hi Chris, I am a stats guy and have tried mutiple click faces. I keep coming back to your "Overview". What were the changes in the recent update? I have given your click face 5 stars.

All releases have release notes on GitHub here: I am running out of things to add.  I would love to have more stats.  But Fitbit make these hard to access (I've put a feature request for them to be exposed!) Thanks for the coffee! I'm going to need it after the stress of getting that last set of updates out!