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I'm Bennett Meares, the author behind Meerschaum. I started Meerschaum while working full-time on my master's degree, and Meerschaum is my passion project.

Making Meerschaum free and open source is my way of making data engineering available to everyone. I had written ETL systems before and had so many ideas I wanted to explore, so I decided to start over, write a new syncing solution, and release it to the world.

After leaving my previous job, I immediately started work on Meerschaum and began graduate school. Now that I've finished my thesis and graduated, I've been living on my savings and dove head-first into the project.

It's extremely important to me that Meerschaum remains independent. I devote most of my free time to the project and pay for hosting costs, but I won't be able to sustain the project forever. My dream is that Meerschaum will help organizations large and small and that enough will be donated to cover server costs.

Please only consider donating if you truly get value from Meerschaum. What's most important to me is that people use and appreciate my work. If you enjoy using Meerschaum, please let me know — I love reading feedback!