3:3 Printing machine

3:3 Printing machine

Jun 15, 2022

If you read “Preprensa” https://www.buymeacoffee.com/boagliodZ/3-bloques-parametrizar and “Maquina” https://www.buymeacoffee.com/boagliodZ/2-3-maquina, it is time for the final blow.

Goal: Zero downtime, Zero defects.

This sounds like a slogan and in fact it is, but if you applied what you read in my previous articles that I describe at the beginning, it stops being a slogan to be a fact... or it comes very close.

The key points here are:

  • Correctly apply what is suggested in Prepress and Machine,

  • Perform the FingerPrint weekly,

  • Control the viscosity and temperature of periodic inks.

The machine fingerprint, Fingerprint is not the same as ICC profiling and hence it is not used, they confuse one with the other.

Profiling is done when there are changes in the substrate or the machine, or the ink system, or the polymers...etc, let's say that due to some magnitude change. If you do this with an IT8 or similar type image with lots of patches, get the ICC profile, a dot gain orientation, an idea of ​​trapping, a characterization of positive and negative lines and the same for the texts.

For other hand, a Fingerprint is to find deviations from your printing process. Very simple and very fast. It's like a critical eye, ¡but quantifiable! - I remind you that our eyes don't do that - and if you use FingerPrint Press soft, by Carlos Grillo, you can do it all the time in a fews minutes because you only have to read three or four patches and using the SCTV equations (interpolating and linearizing) you get all the relevant data... even for spot colors !Wonderful!

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