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Bob Karam is an engineer who likes to do creative things. He tries to make them so they are helpful to the community. He's currently in the US but he likes to do projects around Lebanon.

If you buy him a drink, he would know that his work is appreciated or at least looked at. (Google analytics might be just bugs)

Also, Bob has a voice in his head that likes to speak in the third person. It sings sometimes. 

Lebanon D3 District Map

If you are coming from there, that site will always be free and public. I hope it helped you out and you were able to find out something new. I really appreciate any support you can provide. 
Every little bit will help encourage me to do more of these. 

Lebanese Engineers

If you are coming from there, that data will always be available to use as long as we don't get into trouble with the law. 

The data was scraped from the order of engineers' website and nothing was added that wasn't already available.


Datasets I find and alter are then shared with the AUB mind lab and the open data Lebanon initiative.