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Hey, it's Bobbi from Paris! 👋 I'm a student who just made it back to Montreal to start second year. However, you can also find me from time to time on my mother's channel @ChantalTV as we like to chat and drink coffee together! x

anne kowalsky
anne kowalsky bought 5 coffees.

Have a wonderful school year.

Thank you Anne, I definitely will! x

Hal Sherman
Hal Sherman bought a coffee.

Glad you arrived safely in Montreal. 

Thank you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Felix Josemon
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Best wish for your studies and journey ahead:)☕️ 😄 

Thanks Felix! Will make the most out of this :)

Carol H
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Enjoy your college experience. Love how your mom supports your efforts. Take care!

Hi Carol! That’s so sweet, thank you. Take care 🙏🏻

Beader 4fun
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A little extra for coffee or shopping 😉

aww thank you Beader! 😝