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Hey 👋 My name is Bodhini and it is a pleasure to meet you. Meditation has been the nourishment of my life and soul since I was just fifteen years old (I just turned forty! Eek!)

Sharing meditation is a great passion, privilege and joy. 

I also share Hatha Yoga, Sound baths and Reiki. I am deeply inspired by nature and ancient wisdom and these all weave their way through my offerings.

Here on BMAC, there are several ways you can support my work and hopefully you will benefit from my content too (feedback always appreciated)

There are two different membership options.

Buy a class pass for £25 a month or a Meditation booster membership for £6 a month.

You can check out their benefits under the membership tab.

You can become a supporter by purchasing a coffee or an EXTRA. Supporters and members receive my new Lunar reflection and guidance emails, every new and full moon (you can opt out at anytime).

You can also simply follow me and check out my posts as and when you want to.

Whatever you choose to do, I am entirely grateful.

So, thank you for being here to enjoy this space with me. 

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