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Hi, as stated in my audio introduction, from our Bold Blind Beauty On A.I.R. podcast, I'm Stephanae McCoy. Several years ago, I had a vision of what Bold Blind Beauty could be, but I wasn't sure how to make it a reality. "Improving humanity by changing the way we perceive one another" is our mission and I admit it's a tall order.

However, today, thanks to so many passionate people that I've been fortunate to have in my circle of friends, we are achieving our mission. There is no way on earth I could have ever done this by myself and I'm so thankful to those who've invested in my dream. Here is a little bit about who I am:

Kindness, compassion, and a deep desire for social justice are central to who I am; these are my values. I founded Bold Blind Beauty out of a personal need for empowerment that I wanted to share with others. After an amazing stint at one of the Big Four accounting firms, I was finally able to pursue my passion for becoming a full-time abilities crusader (advocate). The one thing sight loss has taught me is perception is much more profound than seeing. I may have lost my sight but my clarity has increased exponentially, and for this I am grateful.

Description: A professional headshot of Stephanae's smashing asymmetrical hairstyle with burgundy highlights. The muted Coral Cutie lipstick topped with a peach-colored gloss provides a nice contrast against the gray backdrop. She is wearing a black dress and black tuxedo jacket trimmed in faux leather, a silver statement necklace, and silver drop earrings.